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What to Know About Hidden Fasteners for Decks

What to Know About Hidden Fasteners for Decks

Here are important facts to know about hidden fasteners for decks.

Hidden deck fasteners are great for adding some extra aesthetic appeal to your deck. There’s a reason that they are popular with people who own decks. There are limitations to these fasteners, however, and if you’re on the fence about using them, we think you should know about these limitations before making a purchase. Here are important facts to know about hidden fasteners for decks.

They Might Sacrifice Performance for Appearance

Hidden fasteners look much better, but sometimes, they don’t perform as well as other fasteners you could be using. They aren’t quite as strong, so you’ll have to check on them more frequently for damage. This is one of a few trade-offs that come with having a neater-looking deck.

Concealed Deck Fasteners are More Susceptible to Deck Movement

Decks are outdoors, meaning they are vulnerable to all of the weather that the outdoors brings. There are all kinds of weather conditions that can cause decks to move. For example, snow and rain cause wooden decks to absorb moisture and expand. Sunlight and heat, on the other hand, dry out the wood.

A problem with concealed fasteners is how they tend to attach to the deck only through a single edge of a decking board. This leaves the other edge more vulnerable, as it ends up “floating” in a sense.

Use Concealed Fasteners on Thick and Narrow Deck Boards

Whenever concealed fasteners are used on your deck, the side that has the screw in it will remain in place, and the other side of the board will still be able to move via expanding and contracting. Because of this expanding and contracting process, the space your deck boards have between them can change.

Boards that are more narrow will not expand or contract as much, so you won’t see as much of a difference in the gaps that your deck boards have between them. You can also get more overall fastening for every square foot when you use narrower boards.

Your deck boards should also be thicker because they are stronger and more durable. This improves your deck’s overall performance.

Consult a Professional to Determine if Hidden Fasteners are Best

If you’re still not sure if hidden deck fasteners are best for your needs, you can ask a licensed decking professional. Professionals have worked on decks for a long time, so they understand what materials are best for every decking situation. Try to pick one in your local area because they will know about the weather conditions your deck is most likely to experience.

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