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How Moisture Can Harm a Wooden Deck

How Moisture Can Harm a Wooden Deck

Today, we’ll review the ways that moisture could cause damage to your wooden deck.

If you own a wooden deck, then you know about the dangers of water damage. Unfortunately, water is a variable you can’t really avoid, and eventually, it could start to cause problems for your decking. This damage isn’t going to happen all at the same time; instead, it happens more gradually as water slowly builds up over time.

Tiny puddles might evaporate after just a couple of hours, but the long-term effects could still be problematic. Knowing how water causes damage to your deck makes it easier for you to take measures towards keeping it safe in the future. Today, we’ll review the ways that moisture could cause damage to your wooden deck.

The Boards of Your Wooden Deck Could Crack

Deck boards could crack for different reasons; it isn’t always because water damage has occurred. That, however, does not mean you can overlook this possibility. Even the smallest amounts of water could sneak inside of the cracks of your deck boards and start causing the wood to expand.

Afterward, the wooden boards will dry out, which makes them shrink and eventually begin to crack. If you don’t protect wood with a waterproof sealant, it won’t be long before your wooden deck boards have become warped and unusable.

Mold and Mildew

Detecting water damage early is always better than finding out later, and with mold and mildew problems, that’s the one victory that is afforded to you. You may start noticing dark and damp spots on your wooden deck, and if not addressed, these spots serve as the perfect setting for mold and mildew to grow and thrive.

At some point, places with mold on them will start getting softer, making it easier for your wood to break apart. You might even start seeing insects flock to your deck, which will accelerate the decaying process.

Monitoring darker and shadier areas of your wooden deck is a must, and if you see anything damp or wet, you need to remove it before it causes bigger problems.

Your Wooden Deck is Missing some Hardware

Your wooden deck could also have problems with missing hardware. If you have a deck made from wood that is either older or not treated, then the wood could crack more easily around areas that have nails and screws near them.

If this happens, the nails and screws could come out completely, which leaves you with loose deck boards. Sometimes, with older decks, nails could come loose simply because of how old the deck is.

All of these factors cause new holes to form in your deck, and these holes allow water to collect inside of them. Because of this, you should inspect your hardware when performing your standard deck maintenance procedures.

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