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How a Deck Can Cause Slips and Falls

How a Deck Can Cause Slips and Falls

Here are the ways in which a deck could cause people to slip and fall.

Decks can serve many purposes for people’s homes. They can become hangout spots for hosting guests, peaceful oases that help you unwind after a stressful day, or play areas for children to enjoy time outside. No matter how you use your deck, though, safety is always going to be a concern, and one safety concern that needs addressing is the potential for slipping and falling.

You need to know why your deck could make people slip and fall so you can take precautions to keep it safer for everyone. Here are the ways in which a deck could cause people to slip and fall.

Damp Weather Conditions

Weather conditions like rain and snow make the floor of your decking more slippery. On top of that, your deck’s flooring won’t dry as quickly if it’s installed somewhere that doesn’t get much sunlight. This not only slows down the floor drying process but also presents the perfect circumstances for mold and mildew to grow, which can make walking on your deck even less safe.

Your Deck Was Recently Painted

It’s good to paint your deck if you’re looking to improve its overall appearance. There is a drawback, however, and that drawback is the fact that painted floors can hold in more moisture. Places that can retain more moisture put people at greater risk for slipping on slick surfaces, so keep an eye on the floor of your decking if you have painted it recently.

You Have a Synthetic Wood Deck

Synthetic wood decks have many of the same risk factors for slipping and falling as natural wooden decks. They are also vulnerable to damp weather conditions and can retain moisture. In some instances, your planks will end up cupping, which makes the flooring less safe for walking as well.

How to Prevent Slips and Falls

To keep yourself safe from slipping and falling on your deck, it helps to have sufficient footwear. If you wear something like flip-flops, as comfortable as they can be during warmer weather, there is a chance that wooden slats can easily latch onto your shoes. High heels are other shoes that could be less safe, especially if your deck flooring is damp and slippery. Wearing proper footwear, such as tennis shoes, should help keep you from falling over.

On top of wearing the right footwear, keeping the deck clean is another way to avoid falls. If there is clutter around your decking, it’s easier to step on something by accident and lose your footing.

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