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What Could Go Wrong When Power Washing Your Deck

What Could Go Wrong When Power Washing Your Deck

We’ll go over what could go wrong if you try to use a power washer to clean your deck.

Nobody wants to see dirt accumulate on their decking. It makes your deck look less appealing, and the problem will only escalate if you don’t give it the proper attention. Many homeowners may feel pressured to get a power washer and try spraying down dirt with great force.

However, power washers often harm your decking more than they help. Not everyone knows about the dangers of power washing. Today, we’ll go over what could go wrong if you try to use a power washer to clean your deck.

Deck Splintering

Power washing can severely damage your decking. The pressure that comes from the washer can cause your decking to splinter. This is usually a problem that occurs when you have a section of decking that looks like it’s about to split. Power washing will accelerate this splitting process.

It’s not even just wooden decks that power washing can harm. PVC decks don’t hold up well against them due to the soft material from which they are made.

Fragmenting of Composite Decking

Composite decking doesn’t hold up well when hit by a power washer. Power washers can chip away pieces of the decking material. What’s worse is when the company that installed the deck isn’t willing to provide a warranty on it, which results in you having to handle all of the repair and replacement expenses.

Sanding After Power Washing

Power washing causes the wood on your deck to become wet and raise fibers that cause the surface of your deck to become rough. These raised fibers can result in splinters later on. Because of this, you’ll have to sand the deck to get rid of all of those fibers, adding on to the list of maintenance procedures you’ll have to undergo to keep your deck clean.

You’ll also have to wait until your deck dries off before you can start sanding it. In addition, while you could try to sand only areas that have visible problems with splinters, you’ll likely want to be safe and sand the entire deck, causing you to take on more work.

Losing Your Deck’s Stain and Finish

Power washing can sometimes result in your decking losing its stain and finish. This means that, if you want to restore your deck’s glamorous appearance, you’re going to have to apply a new stain. Paint will also get washed away, so if you want a new coat of paint, you’ll have to spend more time and money to get the paint job done.

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