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Weatherproofing Your Wood Fence

Fence Repair

Fall is a great time to weatherproof your wood fence.

While wood fences are visually appealing and generally affordable, they do require some maintenance to keep them looking their best all year long. These fences are susceptible to weather damage and can become cracked, warped and rotted if they come in contact with water. With the changes in temperature and moisture that come during the fall, now is the perfect time to learn some ways you can weatherproof your wood fence and prevent costly repairs.

Wax Polish

Wax polish is usually made with a combination of ingredients such as beeswax and works to waterproof fences. Using it is an effective way to weatherproof your wood fence because of its versatility. It can be used on different types of fences, whether they’re finished or unfinished. Also, it comes in different types (colored, pine, clear), so homeowners can use the one that matches their fence’s color the closest.  As a bonus, wax polish also protects wood fences from dirt and can cover up scratches. As your wood fence gets older, it becomes more and more important to maintain its cosmetic appeal, and using wax polish is an easy, affordable way to do this.

Waterproof Paint

It is important to paint a wood fence with waterproof paint because other paints could damage the fence’s surface. Latex and alkyd-based paints are two commonly used waterproofing paints to help improve wood fences’ longevity. Latex-based paints let moisture through the fence’s surface without damaging the structure, while alkyd-based paints are weather-resistant and create a waterproof layer on the fence’s surface. With the amount of rain you can expect to see in fall, it is a good idea to invest in some waterproof paint and add a fresh coat to your wood fence. Water can corrode wood fences, so it is best to limit how much of it gets in contact with your fence.

Waterproof Sealant

Sealants come in different colors and are typically silicon rubber-based. They are can be easily applied to fences by being brushed on, and only need to be applied once for long-lasting results. Like wax polish, sealant also has colored and clear varieties, so homeowners can choose the one that fits their fence the best. Sealants protect fences from temperature extremes, UV light, and water, making them a great solution for year-round fence protection. Unlike pressure treating, using waterproof sealant protects from weathering.


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