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How to Design a Farmhouse Kitchen

Designing a farmhouse kitchen will give your home a rustic feel.

If your style has a more rustic, rural vibe that feels spacious and welcoming, the farmhouse design could be the perfect choice for your kitchen remodel. Here are some elements to include to design a farmhouse kitchen.

Keep Your Shelves Open

In other kitchen styles, the shelves are usually closed but the opposite is true for farmhouse kitchens. To achieve a classic farmhouse look, install cabinets without the doors and use wall-mounted shelving. If you don’t plan on doing a complete overhaul, you can consider removing the doors from your existing cabinets to achieve a similar look.

Use an Old-fashioned Range

Stay away from ultramodern appliances and fixtures. Instead, use an old-fashioned range like a vintage model or even a stovepipe.

Find Vintage Accents

Speaking of vintage, bring more classic elements into your farmhouse kitchen by finding vintage accents. You can try heading to your local consignment shop or even a yard sale to find items like pitchers, pottery, and even lighting fixtures. Look for items with rough textures and exposed wood.

Install a Fireplace

If you’re doing a full kitchen remodel, installing a fireplace in your kitchen is the perfect way to bring in a warmth while creating a cozy atmosphere. The fireplace will act as a gathering place in your kitchen and is usually the perfect place to set your kitchen table in front of. Use exposed brick or even add a mantlepiece.

Use a Big Table

The farmhouse style is all about family togetherness and vintage pieces. Merge those concepts by using a large table. It may even double for food prep and eating. Again, consider finding a piece that made from refurbished wood. Another great style tip is to use mismatched seating around the table to add some unique flair to the space.

Install an Apron Sink

One of the most recognizable design elements in a classic farmhouse kitchen is the apron-front sink. It features a deep bowl, broad face, and is strong enough to handle heavy-duty use. This is a popular style and can be easily found new, or you can try to find a vintage model.


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