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Ways That Cooler Temperatures and Leaves Can Impact Exterior Paint

Ways That Cooler Temperatures and Leaves Can Impact Exterior Paint

These are some of the problems exterior paint may face during fall.

Temperatures have begun to change; more specifically, they have begun to drop, and the days are getting shorter. With the fall season now here, there is a lot to enjoy, such as the beautiful colors of the falling leaves, the incoming fall holidays, and all things pumpkin. There do come some struggles, however, and one area in which problems are caused is your house. If you have applied exterior paint to your house, you may find that the weather doesn’t make it easy. These are some of the problems exterior paint may face during fall.

Problems Caused by Falling Leaves

The leaves outside are some of the most captivating things about fall, but they still present their fair share of issues. Exterior paint can start to flake due to leaves outside. This all starts with your gutters. If leaves find their way into your guttering, it becomes much more difficult for them to move water.

When water stays on your roof for too long, your house’s structure can be negatively affected. Then, if water makes its way down the side of your house, that’s when exterior paint can start being impacted. Eventually, the paint will start to flake.

Because of the risk of leaves getting into your gutters, you should take a few precautions. Firstly, periodically check on your gutters to make sure they haven’t clogged too much. If you notice that there are too many leaves in your gutters and water has difficulty passing through them, take some time to get them cleaned. Lastly, if you want more protection, gutter guards can be a worthwhile investment. Gutter guards make it tougher for leaves and other obstructions to impede the flow of water.

How Cold Temperatures Impact Exterior Paint

Exterior paint is important because it serves as one of the first layers of protection your house has against cold and damp weather conditions that fall often brings. The role of exterior paint is to protect the surface that is beneath it. It helps keep wood rot from happening, and it also helps keep wood from contracting or expanding as the temperatures outside continue to fluctuate.

This is a good time to check on your paint and see if it has begun bubbling, cracking, or flaking. As the cold and damp fall weather persists, all of the aforementioned imperfections will start to expand, and this can compromise your home’s structure.

It can be a great help to think about which paint is best to use on your house. Some paints are higher quality than others, and you want the best level of protection for your house as you can get. Also, make sure every weak point along your house’s exterior is sufficiently protected. It will take additional time, but you avoid bigger problems in the long run. Lastly, check on your house every now and then so you can catch any damage early on and react appropriately before it gets out of hand.

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