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Vinyl vs. Composite Fencing: Which Is Best?

Determine which fencing material best meets your needs.

Vinyl and composite fencing are excellent home fencing options that are perfect for every homeowner. While wood fences were the traditional choice for people seeking a white picket fence, composite and vinyl fencing options are new to the scene and very effective. Which is the best for you?

Why Composite?

Composite fencing is made of recycled plastic, wood pieces, and resin combined to make a finished fencing product that looks identical to wood. Unlike wood, you won’t need to invest in as much maintenance and staining. Composite fencing is also an eco-friendly option since you are not using new timber to create your fence. Composite fences are dense due to their composition, so they can withstand rain and snow and stand tall in your yard.

The Downside of Composite

Composite fencing is often less expensive than wood fencing but more expensive than vinyl. The wood inside of the fence will also lead to a few drawbacks. The wood will expand and contract as the humidity changes, and it can lead to things getting warped over time. Composite fences are also susceptible to staining if placed near flowers, grasses, or shrubs.

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl fencing is made of PVC, just like PVC pipes! Vinyl fencing is also very affordable to purchase and virtually maintenance-free. If you don’t like spending time in the yard making repairs and inspecting your fence, vinyl fencing is a great choice. Vinyl fencing is flexible because it can be shaped into any dimension or customized design. Thanks to their simplicity, vinyl fences are usually easier to install, so that you will save money on the installation process.

The Downside of Vinyl

Depending on where you live, vinyl fences may be restricted by your HOA. The other problems that vinyl fences often encounter include mold, mildew, and color fading. If your fence is in an area with a lot of sunlight, your vinyl fence might be patchy and discolored after a few years.


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