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How to Effectively Remodel Your Basement

4 Basement Remodeling Trends You Need To Know

Learn what goes into remodeling a basement.

Are you planning to redesign your basement this year? Basement design is a very exciting process since you get to take advantage of brand new space and put your personal mark on your home. Here are some of our best remodeling tips for creating an effective basement design.

Maximize Your Storage

The basement is the perfect place for creative storage in your home. You can add built-in shelves and storage to fit whatever your hobbies are. When you are remodeling your basement, you should pay attention to not over-filling the space with storage if you are going to use it for other things, like a family room. There is nothing worse than overwhelming a brand new space with piles of books and stacks of DVDs!

Keep the Air Fresh

Air purification is very important in a basement, where the air can easily feel stale or smell like mold or mildew. When you are completing your basement design, you should check to make sure that there are ways to circulate the air in your basement and keep it fresh and clean.

Add Quality Carpeting

If your remodeled basement feels cold and like somewhere you don’t want to spend time; you should install quality carpeting in the room. It’s better to invest in a great carpet that adds warmth to the room instead of a less-expensive carpet that won’t stand up to much wear and tear.

Price Out Your Options

Many people who decide to remodel their basement are also weighing other options, like adding an addition to their home. Before you can commit to placing a great deal of effort into a basement remodel, you should always price out all of your options. Most people don’t realize that an addition could easily cost $150 a square foot, while a basement remodel has the potential to be $50-$75 a square foot.


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