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Understanding Lighting Concepts For Your Remodel

Understanding Lighting Concepts For Your Remodel

When you enter a home, the lighting is subconsciously one of the first things that will stand out.

When you enter a home, the lighting is subconsciously one of the first things that will stand out. For this reason, a poor lighting design is immediately noticeable. Any contractor or designer taking you through the remodeling process will point out the importance of light, and it’s placement. Lighting is multifaceted, and there’s a lot to consider, whether you’re going for efficiency or a unique design. The biggest thing to remember is that it must be planned out in coordination with everything else. Lighting designers are skilled, and they’ll help you understand how to approach your layout, and what type of lighting will resonate best.

Natural Light?

Sure, you have the lighting fixtures that’ll be installed in the ceiling, but natural light offers a unique ambiance. It’s something that should be included in your lighting design, not excluded. Natural light incorporation will take your space to the next level while conveniently helping you save on bills.

How and Why?

When you install fresh lighting into a room, you need to think about your reasoning, and how it will impact the room. For example, if you’re remodeling the basement, will it be a generalized style of lighting, or will you be more focused on task lighting? A general sense of lighting essentially illuminates the room in an equal proportion. Task lighting is centered on highlighting specific areas where most of the activity occurs. Accent lighting, while not always used, is perfect for the smaller features of a room.

How Will It Work For Your Home?

This is where the style comes into play. All of the aforementioned designs work well within the house, but it all depends upon the aesthetic you wish to achieve. Perhaps the most popular lighting concept, especially for basements, is recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is popular because of its versatility. They don’t have a true fixture display, meaning the illumination will only be present. Recessed lighting also does a great job of completely covering the room. Whereas some ceiling lights disappear as the room expands, recessed lighting fills up the entire space.

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