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The Different Countertop Designs You Need To Know

The Different Countertop Designs You Need To Know

Make sure you spend an extra amount of time deciding on your kitchen countertop style, as it can set the tone.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. It’s where the majority of action takes place, and it’s also where we cook and eat our food. It should be a room that stands out, not only to you but to guests as well. One area in the kitchen that deserves a lot of attention is the countertop. Kitchen countertops have the ability to shape the room, and it’s because they take up so much actual space, making it impossible not to stand out. An important part of any kitchen design, the countertops are the place where work is completed. Make sure you spend an extra amount of time deciding on your kitchen countertop style, as it can set the tone.


The modern kitchen has seen its fair share of changes, as a minimalist approach is increasingly taking over. A new addition to this look is the creation of thin countertops. The ½ inch countertop is the design of the future, as it fits with the decor people are craving. Modern kitchens are decreasing the emphasis on countertops to accentuate other features, but this trend won’t last forever. A slim countertop does have a significant effect, as it creates the illusion that there’s more space present.

The Sink

The kitchen sink used to be just another piece of the countertop puzzle, but that’s no longer the case. It’s now being integrated into the design. Integrated sinks flow with the countertop, as the material is continuous. It certainly helps with maintenance, as you no longer need to account for a break in material like old fashioned kitchen sinks. The beauty of this design choice is that it fits with practically any style.

Patterns And Tones

Adding a pattern to your countertops is what will bring your kitchen character. While minimalist designs are trendy, patterned countertops will make things stand out. With a material like quartz, it can be shaped with swirls to boost the look. The same can be said for marble countertops. These finishes complement the other areas of the kitchen well, and it makes for a nice visual combination in the grand scheme of things.

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