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Striking The Right Mood With Interior Painting


Remember, home improvement is an investment in your property and your life. And it all starts with choosing the right paint.

The color of your interior walls has the power to bring entire sections of your home together. The color you choose speaks to a room’s theme. Are you redesigning your living room? Maybe you’d like to make it more inviting. Adding a fresh coat of deep, warm maroon with corresponding accessory accents of the same color makes your space more engaging. If that bright pink coat that’s been in your bathroom for years is starting to wear on you, calming colors such as lavender, lilac, and turquoise puts your mind at rest as sunlight seeps through like-colored curtains. Interior painting is a wonderful way to add a themed color pallet to your home, and adding a fresh new look to your living space is exciting! Join us as we discuss choosing the right interior paint color for those drab walls you’ve always been meaning to spruce up.

Choosing A Room

The color of your room affects your guests’ mood. Why is it that we feel uneasy in some indoor spaces, and relaxed in others? When selecting a new interior paint, you need to think about the mood you’d like to communicate. Strong colors, such as royal blue, valiant violet, or a bold shamrock enliven drama and luxury. Wow your family and friends as they walk into your concord grape dining room, immediately feeling pruned and pampered. Stimulate feelings of excitement, energy, and enthusiasm with deep golds, blood oranges, and invigorating crimsons as they dine. Say, however, you’re repainting the bedroom. This is, exclusively, your space. Bedrooms are a resting space. Think about what makes you feel relaxed. What lulls you to sleep every night? Usually, soft, cool colors are the most relaxing. Splash combinations of gentle aquamarine, coral pinks, and light golds upon those walls and get some shut eye. Choose interior paint carefully, depending on room. You don’t want to wind up falling asleep every night in a room filled with energizing, cheerful yellow.

Lighting And Hue

The type of lighting you install in a specific room changes its hue. Bright, electric, pale light will often lighten your new paint. Natural daylight shows your color’s truest hue. Incandescent lighting adds warmness and yellow tones. If you’re interior painting your living room walls canary yellow, replacing those incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones will tone down the overpowering brightness. If you want to simply paint an accent wall, be sure to add those coats to the wall closest to a window. The sunlight will really awaken those new hues.


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