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Installing A Wooden Fence? Learn How To Prevent Wood Rot Beforehand!


Learn how to take care of your wooden fence before it becomes a heap of useless material.

Wooden fences are a great way to add security, privacy, and curb appeal to your home. With a wide variety of creative, customizable staining, building a wooden fence that is unique to your home’s architectural style is easy! While wood does require treating, preventative maintenance, and moisture protection the benefits outweigh needed attention. Your wooden fence is only going to get better with age! As wood matures, it starts to weather and match its rustic surroundings. Marvel as your wood fence starts to match the hue of your willow tree and grows natural moss patches that add to your home’s rural charm. Learn more about taking care of your prized wooden fence. It’s worth the investment!

Staining Your Wood

Moisture causes wood to twist and crack as it swells with water. Finishing all sides of your wooden fence will keep it protected from moisture damage. Wood grain is like a sponge. Remember lumber was once a living plant. It’s natural predisposition is to absorb moisture for sustenance. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of room for internal rotting. When filled with wood stain, however, this porous grain’s absorptive properties are sealed. Staining also gives wood a smooth finish and prevents color bleeding if you decide to paint it. Without moisture, wood cannot rot. You’re sealing the material by applying wood stain. More staining means better water repellency and UV protection.

Allowing Wood To Dry

You want to install your wooden fence in an area with adequate air circulation. Fungi, the cause of wood rot, often thrive in moisture concentrated material. For good air flow, avoid direct contact with cement or masonry, as these materials have high runoff properties which attract rapidly flowing rain water. You’re going to want to make sure your fence isn’t in direct contact with the ground. Soil is another pervious material that actively absorbs moisture, so above all else, make sure posts are treated especially well with primer.

Consider Your Materials

Consider the wooden materials you’re building with. If they’re susceptible to rotting or decay, it’s in your best interest not to use them. There is pressure-treated lumber available that is highly resilient to wood rot and termite infestation. Chromated Copper Arsenate is a coating that can be applied to lumber, as well, that is guaranteed to keep moisture out. Naturally water-resistant woods exist as well. These include redwood, cypress, and cedar. While more waterproof than most wooden materials, treating them with primer will make them virtually indestructible. If you’re seeking an alternative material that looks just like wood and is made from recyclable, green material, composite fencing is your best option.


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