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Small Kitchen Remodeling Projects that Pay Off

Who says you need a complete overhaul of your kitchen to reap the benefits of remodeling? For those who aren’t looking to completely re-do their kitchen, but would like to increase the value of their home, there are a few small kitchen remodeling projects that can be contracted that are a huge pay-off for home value.small-kitchen-remodeling-projects

If you’re ready for a change in your kitchen, but not an entire overhaul, here are some ideas to bring up to your remodeling contractor:

Changing up paint

Sometimes, your cabinets don’t need replaced, they just need a change. Try a change of cabinet and wall paint in your kitchen to give it a fresh new look. Just changing the color of existing walls and cabinets can completely alter the look and feel of a room, which may be just what your kitchen needs.

Freshen up your lighting

Another small remodeling project which can greatly alter the way your kitchen looks and feels is changing up your lighting. Adding a glow beneath cabinets, diffusing light with multiple smaller lights rather than one large one, or simply choosing a new ceiling lamp are all ways of giving your kitchen a revived feel.

Smart appliance upgrades

Upgrading your kitchen appliances is an easy way to add value to your home. While replacing all appliances at once can be expensive, it’s not always necessary to do an appliance overhaul. Many kitchens can benefit from upgrades of just a few appliances. For instance, upgrading or adding a garbage disposal and/or dishwasher are two popular appliance upgrades that add value without breaking the bank.

There’s nothing wrong with a complete remodel, which can be quite beneficial for many homes. However, if your kitchen is just in need of a new look or some updates, consider those small remodeling jobs. For more ideas of small jobs your contractor can perform to increase the value of your home, get in touch of Albaugh & Sons.


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