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Deck Design Spotlight: Platform Decks

When homeowners have decided they’d like a deck installed as an addition to their home, the next step is to decide which material and design to pursue. This generally depends on the home itself and the landscape, but there are several options to choose from.

Platform decks give a cozy but modern feel to any home.

Platform decks give a cozy but modern feel to any home.

One design that’s popular and aesthetically pleasing is platform decks. Learn more about this style of deck and its benefits below.

What is a platform deck?

Platform decks sit on the ground rather than being off the ground like standard decks. They are ideal for rancher or other styles of one-story homes, as well as detached decks. They can vary in height depending on the layers, and they connect well to patios.

Benefits of this deck design.

The main benefit of platform decks is their versatility. Because they are built on the ground, they can be attached to the house or detached. Have you ever seen a serene gazebo-like structure in someone’s yard with a sheer canopy and maybe a bench? It’s likely a platform deck outfitted as a peaceful place to relax.

They also work for all seasons. They can easily be equipped with upgrades and accessories for protection from the elements, as well as make great spa or sun decks. It all depends on how you want to use them.

Platform decks look great surrounded by flowers, showers, and other landscape design elements. Because they’re close to the ground, similar to a patio, they work well with a variety of surrounding plants to create a private, well-decorated deck. Homeowners and guests can also step right off and enjoy the gardens or yard with a walkway right up to the deck.

Due to their versatility, it’s obvious why platform decks are such a popular choice for today’s homes. If you think a platform deck would be perfect for your home or yard, just give Albaugh & Sons a call today!


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