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Remodeling Design Trends: How to Use Patterned Tiles

One of the biggest design trends this year for floors and walls is the use of patterned tiles. When used correctly, they can give a room personality or a personal touch. However, it’s important not to overdo it and make the room too busy.patterned-tiles-design-trends

If you’re looking to incorporate patterned tiles into your next remodeling project, here are some suggestions for aesthetic applications.

Classic patterns in contrasting colors

If you’re looking for a subtle change in floor tiles, updating a classic pattern with bright, contrasting colors is a great idea. For instance, a classic diamond tile pattern can really stand out and blend in black and white or gray and yellow.

Go geometric

Geometric patterns fit well in most rooms of the home, so choosing tiles that follow suit are a viable option. Triangles, circles and squares are popular geometric pattern choices that are versatile and complement most color choices.

Mix it up

It’s not necessary for the pattern of each tile to be the same. Mixing up harmonizing tiles of similar patterns is a modern, inspirational look. Just keep the colors in coordination, and it’s an easy style trick to pull off.

Wall tiles

Patterned tiles are not confined to the floors. In fact, using them on kitchen walls or for an accent wall in any room is a striking design idea. A pop of color or pattern can revive an otherwise sleepy room with little other eye-catching accents.

Area tiles

For tiled floor rooms with a large amount of open space, consider creating an ‘area rug’ with patterned tiles. A rectangular area of patterned tile floor among solid tile makes a great accent, and saves homeowners the hassle of a rug that slides around or needs frequently vacuumed.

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