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New Front Door Paint Color Ideas for 2016

Your front door is one of the first things guests, family and friends see when entering your home. The style and door paint color influence the look of the rest of the house exterior as well, and gives an impression of what design and décor guests will see inside the home.Exterior Painting Contractor Frederick County

Is it time for a door color change? Take a look at these top color ideas for 2016!


Red is a versatile door paint color for both country and suburban homes. It looks great against warm siding and roof colors, including wood tones. To give country homes a classic feel, think a deep barn door red or a rich mahogany. Suburban homes look great with bright doors, so crimson and bright berry shades offer a modern pop of color.


While yellow is a warm color itself, it looks great set among some cool colors—blue especially. Consider a soft daffodil yellow against dark blue siding, or a brighter canary yellow for exterior colors of gray and white. Yellow is versatile and brings energy to the home.


One of the most common siding colors on homes is yellow, and anyone who has ever seen a sapphire or royal blue door on a yellow home will agree it looks tasteful and attractive. It also looks great with wood shades, brick, and white or grey exteriors. Blue is a safe door paint color for most homes as it is one of the most adaptable colors.


Like red, green is another color that can influence the feel of your home just on the shade alone. Want an electrifying color to stand out against your siding? Think of lime or pear shade. Or, if you just would like a nice complement to a natural look, especially against stone or wood, hunter green fits in perfectly.


Looking for a new door color that is a little more subdued? Gray is a great alternative to the traditional white door, and boasts versatility since it has various shades versus the single shade of (true) white. Gray shades can also take on warm or cool tones, which means there’s a shade of gray for every home.


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