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Interior Painting: How To Pick The Right Paint

Interior Painting: How To Pick The Right Paint

Ask yourself these questions when doing interior painting around your home.

When people think about interior painting, they often think about color. Color is undoubtedly a significant factor, and it can have a tremendous impact on how your home looks and feels. But color is only one of the factors that need to be considered when you pick out your paint. Ask yourself these questions when doing interior painting around your home.

How Much Activity Will Take Place In The Room?

If you are painting a room where there will be a lot of people running through the area, it’s possible the walls could get smudged by fingerprints among other things. If this is a strong possibility, consider using high-gloss paint. Glossier paints resist stains better, making it harder for your walls to get dirty. If your room isn’t very active, you have more freedom for what interior painting you want.

How Sensitive Are You To The Smell Of Paint?

Some paints have stronger smells than others. For people who don’t tolerate the smell of paint well, go with a water-based latex paint instead of an oil-based one. Oil-based paints have a stronger scent.

How Often Do You Want To Repaint?

When doing interior painting, you’ll eventually have to repaint your room. Some paints last longer than others, so it’s essential to consider how often you plan on repainting. For those looking for a low-maintenance choice, acrylic latex paint will last a long time and will look fresh for longer than most other paints.

How Much Money Do You Plan On Spending?

You get what you pay for when choosing what paint to use. You could go with paint at a lower price. The drawback is that these paints often suffer in quality. While you may not want to dump more money into your paint, you might still want to do this. Investing in more expensive paint means investing in paint of higher quality, which will leave you with happier results in the future.

What Room Are You Painting?

Some things don’t match in a house. An example is carpeting in a bathroom because you run the risk of mold. Likewise, interior painting isn’t for every room. As it turns out, there are paints nowadays that are designed for rooms susceptible to molds, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

How Much Sun Will The Walls Get?

Before you start your interior painting, you want to think about how much sun your walls will get. A great deal of sun exposure can result in your paint fading quickly. Oil-based paints usually chalk or fade if it is hit with too much sun. On the other hand, latex paints are more resilient against bright sunlight.

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