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Why Is Cedar Fencing The Best Fencing Option?

Why Is Cedar Fencing The Best Fencing Option?

Cedar fencing is one of the best wood fencing options you can find.

There are many styles of wooden fencing available that it can be tough deciding which is best for you. There are spruce, bamboo, and fir options, and so many more. All of these could work perfectly to secure a border around your home. But there’s one wooden fence style that may stand out above the rest. Cedar fencing is one of the best wood fencing options you can find.

What Makes It So Great?

Western red cedar is upper-quality wood. It usually costs a little more, but the price you pay is well worth it. Don’t let anyone tell you that a lower-quality fence can offer the same utility as a cedar fence. Lower-grade wooden fencing will often result in you having to replace materials more often. Not only is this taxing on you, creating more work, but it also costs additional money to get the replacements done. You don’t want to spend your time and your money trying to maintain a lower-quality fence when you could go with cedar fencing. Cedar fences have many attributes that make them the ideal choice for your home.


Cedar fences are among the most durable wooden fencing types there are, alongside redwood. Western red cedar is incredibly stable and undergoes minimal shrinkage. This ensures your fence will be secure, sturdy, and straight. Oils found in the wood help cedar fencing to keep its appearance as well, so your fence will not only be strong, but it will also look new.


Whether you need a fence to keep loved ones safe in your yard or raise privacy so you don’t feel like you’re being watched while outside, cedar fencing can serve many purposes. Cedar fencing can also be used to create a wide array of different fence styles, including estate, picket, and privacy fences.

Being Green

If you’re going to buy a cedar fence, you want that fencing to be made from real wood. Real cedar fencing is a superb choice for anyone who wants to be environmentally-friendly. There are red cedar fences that remove greenhouse gases from the air. These fences are also renewable and biodegradable as well. As an added motive, if you choose cedar fencing, the lumber you get will almost surely come from a sustainable forest.


On top of the many utilities that cedar fencing brings to the table, it also has a great outward appeal. This type of wood always looks sharp and is famous for its rich grains and the gorgeous vibrant colors it offers. Cedar fencing gives your yard added amounts of beauty and offers a more lush appearance. It is tough to compete against cedar fencing when it comes to a fence’s elegance.

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