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How You Should Clean Your Cedar Fence

How You Should Clean Your Cedar Fence

Cedar lumber is known for its incredible durability, and it can even be custom made to your liking.

Fencing is something every homeowner should think about, because it really does provide a ton of benefits. Whether it’s a sense of personal privacy, upgrading the curb appeal of your home or completing the design of your backyard, fences are valuable. When you go to have your fence built, there’s plenty of different material to select. One of the best selections you can make is cedar fencing. Cedar lumber is known for its incredible durability, and it can even be custom made to your liking. The durability of cedar fencing can be detrimental though, only because people start to think they don’t have to take care of it.

Consistent Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance for a cedar fence is not as difficult or time consuming as it may initially sound. Power washing is probably the easiest way to keep your fence looking fresh. You have to be careful how much pressure you use when power washing, because the integrity of the wood could be damaged if it’s overdone. The PSI of the washer should be set at a standard level.


Whether it’s before or after you clean, be sure to adjust your sprinklers so they aren’t splashing against your fence. If water is excessively hitting your fence, it will only lead to a faster rate of deterioration. Yes, it can help to keep things clean, but water can also give way to molding. Especially if your fence has been stained, the sprinklers (if in place) need to be adjusted.

Stain Removal

While cedar wood is known for durability, it’s susceptible to developing tannin stains. It’s a feature that will usually present itself in cedar lumber and various types of wood, and it’s generally something that appears through general wear and tear. It makes your fencing spotty. The quickest way to deal with tannin stains is by adding oxalic acid to water, and then crushing over the stain with a cleaning solution. In fact, even regular cleaning can be achieved by simply adding a solution to a bucket of water.

Cedar Fence Installation And Repair

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