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Interior Paint Trends: Fun and Creative Decorative Paint Techniques


These modern decorative paint techniques are sure to give your home the little something extra it needs.

Are you feeling like your walls could use a little extra texture and pattern? Experimenting with texture on your walls is a great way to bring another design element into your home without changing your furniture or room organization. These modern decorative paint techniques are sure to give your home the little something extra it needs.

Going Graphic

If your home boasts a contemporary theme with minimalist furniture and features, a great way to spice up your space without adding too much drama is by adding a geometric graphic to one wall. In this way, you’re creating an accent wall, but instead of painting it all one different color, choose a simple design like a circle that will create a statement piece for the entire room without costing you too much or compromising your general aesthetic.

Marvelous Marbelizing

Marbelizing might not be anything new, but this trend is certainly on the rise in 2018. Marbelizing walls in a powder room or other small bathroom makes your space feel expensive and chic without spending the money you would on actual marble. Marble comes in many shades and styles, so choosing a marble that matches your taste will be easy.

Stunning Strié

Strié is the French word for “streaking.” In this decorative paint technique, you’re adding an element of texture to your walls with two slightly different colors being streaked throughout. This classic look creates highlights as well as lowlights, giving elegant texture and depth to your space. This trend is perfect for dining rooms or bedrooms, making them feel exquisitely designed.

Fabulously Painted Floors

Don’t want to stop with your walls? Painted wooden floors are gaining popularity as well. Painted wooden floors work especially well in foyers and entrance halls. It may seem like an odd choice, but this design concept can be easily incorporated into any home. Choose a pattern that suits your home’s general style. People will be pleasantly surprised with your bold yet immensely tasteful look as soon as they enter your home.


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