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Tips From Design Experts: How to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger


During your remodeling project, these space-saving design tips will make your tiny kitchen feel large and accommodating.

Whether you live in the city or the county, you want your kitchen to harbor a sense of calm. Coming home after a long day of work to a cramped and inefficient kitchen can add to an already stressful day. With tips from interior design experts, your small kitchen can feel expansive and airy. During your remodeling project, these space-saving design tips will make your tiny kitchen feel large and accommodating.

Reflective Surfaces Help

The addition of mirrors into a small space to make it feel larger has been an interior design trick for a long time. While this concept was used ad nauseam in the sixties and seventies, using mirrors to create the illusion of more space is still used today — just in a much more modern, scaled-down way. In a small kitchen, consider adding a mirrored backsplash behind your sink and along your walls. This can be neatly and elegantly done with reflective tiles that can open up your space without taking down any walls.

Keep Colors Light

When it comes to paint colors, appliances, and fixtures, remember to keep it light. Choosing light colors makes your kitchen space feel less cramped and crowded. Dark and heavy colors can make your kitchen space feel cluttered and generally drab. Pick neutral colors like creams, grays, and beiges to create an airy ambiance.

Open Up Shelves

Open shelving is an easy way to create an expansive feel. Adding glass cabinet doors or eliminating doors altogether makes your kitchen feel lighter and less weighed down with unnecessary cabinetry. It’s impossible to get rid of cabinetry in a kitchen, so make it as minimal as possible. Also, open shelving forces you to keep your cabinets as neatly organized as they can be, maximizing efficiency and overall appearance.

Brighten Up Your Space

Lighting is everything in interior design, and the kitchen is no different than any other room in the house. In fact, in a kitchen, being able to see is critical to cooking and prep work. Add at much lighting as you can, but remember that fixtures should be light colors. Opt for bulbs that create a welcoming, warm glow; not a harsh, white glow.


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