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How to Tell You Have a Bad Painting Contractor


How to Tell You Have a Bad Painting Contractor

Here is how you can identify a bad painting contractor.

Painting projects can take a long time to finish, and you want to be sure the results of the project are to your liking. The success of your painting project hinges on the painting contractor you pick for the job. Unfortunately, not all contractors will provide the quality of work that you would hope to get, but the good news is that there are hints that will tell you if you’re working with the wrong company. This way, you can avoid problems before they ever have the chance to arrive. Here is how you can identify a bad painting contractor.

They Don’t Have Any Insurance or Licenses

Any good painting contractor will have the right qualifications so they can prove they are capable of taking on your painting project. Therefore, if you notice a contractor refusing to provide qualifications for you, it’s likely because they don’t have any, which makes them much harder to trust. Don’t let an unlicensed and uninsured company do your painting for you because there is a much higher chance of mistakes happening, and if they don’t have insurance, you’ll be the one paying for any mistakes they make.

They Don’t Do Written Contracts

Don’t commit to a company that only offers oral promises. There’s a reason companies try to do this, and that reason is that they won’t be held accountable if problems arise. You need to get a written contract from the company you hire, and that contract should specify everything that will get done during your painting project.

Down Payments and Unclear Estimates

You want a company that can visit your property and give you an estimate for the project. This way, you avoid dealing with unpleasant surprises later. If you work with a bad painting contractor, they will likely have a very vague estimate, and they will likely add surcharges later on, putting those costs on a long list of “extra services” that takes your total price far above the original estimate. Sometimes, extra costs can pop up, but you should never pay more than twenty percent of what the original painting project costs you.

They Don’t Have the Right Equipment

Having the skills for a painting job is one thing, but you also need the right gear. If your painting contractor is truly devoted to giving you a successful paint job, they will have the right equipment for the task. Untrustworthy contractors may try to cut corners and settle for using low-quality tools that won’t give you the results you want.

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