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Why Exterior Painting is Best Done During Summer

Why Exterior Painting is Best Done During Summer

Here is a helpful guide to help make sure you make the most out of the summer when it comes to painting the exterior of your humble abode.

Like most homeowners in the mid-atlantic, the summer months can be quite brutal — and come a lot quicker than expected. In fact, after spending most of the spring season inside with lower than normal temperatures, it’s finally time to enjoy the outdoors — especially if you have a home that has an outdoor living area. The reality is, many homeowners go out of their way to prepare their overall home for the warmer months ahead. Ultimately, if you are planning on having your home’s exterior updated with a fresh coat of paint, now is definitely time to do so. Here is a helpful guide to help make sure you make the most out of the summer when it comes to painting the exterior of your humble abode.

Longer Days Are Beneficial

There is no denying that having longer days means that there are statistically just more opportunities for your painting job to be accomplished much quicker than it might otherwise. In fact, since the days are longer during the summer season, the extended amount of sunlight is an excellent way to allow paint to dry significantly faster than it would otherwise. The reality is, bringing some charm back to your home can be accomplished by a fresh coat of paint. Ultimately, summer is really the perfect time to tackle an exterior painting project.

Warm Weather Days Are Ideal For A Paint’s Finish

Just like the efficiency associated with warmer weather, the longer sunshine also means that your paint finish can look it’s best overall. In fact, when outdoor temperatures tend to fluctuate too frequently, then you might end up with streaks or other issues in the paint’s finish as it dries. The reality is, exterior paint thrives in temperatures that are warm and consistent. Ultimately, waiting until the summer to actually tackle an exterior home painting job will surely be your best bet if you want the end result to be optimal.

Less Rain To Ruin The Project

One of the biggest perks associated with painting the exterior of your home in the summer is the significant reduction in rain during the summer season. In fact, a rain delay is one of the main reasons an exterior painting project gets delayed. The reality is, with the summer season, there is a significantly reduced chance that a rain delay will occur — making it the best season to tackle the job effectively and efficiently.


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