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How to Know If Your Deck is Unsafe

How to Know If Your Deck is Unsafe

Here is how to tell that your deck isn’t safe.

The weather is starting to get warmer, and as we enter daylight savings and start the spring season, those who have decks on their properties will want to start getting more use out of them. Decks are wonderful hangout spots during spring when the weather is more pleasant. Since many people could be occupying your deck in the near future, you want to be sure your deck is safe. A great way to know when everything is safe is to inspect for damage. Here is how to tell that your deck isn’t safe.

Water Damage

Water can potentially affect any spot on your deck, and before spring starts, winter’s snowy weather presents further risks for water damage. If water is able to take its toll on your decking, certain spots could start to rot and decay. Exercise caution if you notice water damage in close proximity to outdoor outlets if you have any nearby.

Try to catch water damage early so you can address it before your entire deck has rotted. If only a few boards have been impacted, it will only take minor repairs to fix everything.

Post Rot

Your decking will be held up by a few posts, and these posts can rot in the spots that make contact with the ground. The posts have to be anchored either using concrete or cement. Something common that can happen is that various types of debris can cover up concrete and cause the bottom of the posts to get damp. If debris is covering your posts, clear all of it out. If the bottoms of the posts are damp, it means they aren’t safe to support your deck, and you have to get those posts replaced.

Sagging Frame

Does the middle of your deck sag? Have you noticed your decking boards giving a lot every time you walk on them? If so, it’s a sign that your decking has taken significant damage. Sagging decks tend to mean that the posts, decking boards, and joists have all sustained some kind of damage.

Damage From Termites

Termites can eat away at your deck if you don’t address them early on. The sooner you deal with termites, the smaller the repairs have to be, which can save a lot of money. See if there are small holes in your decking or if you notice termites on the deck in plain sight. Termites need time to develop a colony, so it’s best to catch them early before they get the opportunity to cause too much damage to your decking.

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