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How to Keep Termites from Munching on Your Deck

Termites Deck

Be on the lookout for the warning signs of termites. If you catch a problem early, you may be able to salvage much of your deck.

Termites are no joke. We also hear they don’t have a very good sense of humor, but that’s just speculation. Okay, we said termites were no joke…not that they couldn’t be the topic of a joke. But we digress. Termites cause billions of dollars in damages annually, attacking everything from roofs to studs to wood decks. So it is important to do everything in your power to avoid such costly damage.

Simple Tips to Keep Termites Away

Pressure Treated Lumber

If building a wood deck, use pressure treated lumber throughout to deter termites.

Keep Moisture Out

Like mold, termites love moisture. This is just one of the reasons you should stain and waterproof your deck every few years. This will keep water out, helping you to avoid wood rot and termites.

Frequent Inspections

Be on the lookout for the warning signs of termites. If you catch a problem early, you may be able to salvage much of your deck. Frequent termite inspections are one of the best ways to prevent large-scale termite infestations.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch deters termites. Just be sure to place the mulch near the deck, but not in contact with it.

Consider Composite Decking

When in doubt, remove the temptation. Composite decking materials are made using a combination of different materials, such as wood and plastic. These materials are often referred to as low maintenance because they require very little attention. No sanding. No staining. Just the occasional wash. Furthermore, composite deck materials will not weather, warp, or rot, like wood, and they are resistant to insects, such as termites.

A Composite Deck Builder in Frederick, Maryland

Albaugh & Sons is a Home Improvement Contractor located in Frederick, specializing in maintenance free composite decking, including Trex, Timber Tech, and Azek. We service all of Frederick County and parts of Washington and Carroll counties. We have more than 10 years of experience in the deck-building field, and our deck division is made up of experienced, personable employees who are dedicated to completing every job the right way.

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