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Ensuring Color Consistency on Big Residential Painting Jobs

Residential Painting

At the end of the day, if you want your home to look great, it is best to leave the residential painting to the professionals, like Albaugh & Sons.

Painting a single wall or a small room is not too difficult. It is a task many homeowners have performed. However, small residential painting jobs and large residential painting jobs are two completely different beasts. While it is typically easy to get consistent color on small paint jobs, the same cannot be said for larger projects where several gallons of paint are involved. As a result, many do-it-yourselfers become frustrated with inconsistent color and those dreaded streaks. Yuck! Fortunately, there are some simple tips to help you achieve that clean coat you have always dreamed of.

Quick Residential Painting Tips for More Consistent Color

Color and sheen inconsistency can be due to a number of factors:

Buy High-Quality Paint

Not all paints are created equal. This is why it is so important to purchase high-quality paint. This will not only provide high-quality results, but will do so in fewer coats, meaning less work.

Buy It Together

When buying paint, try to buy it all at one time at the same store and buy more than you think you will need. This will help ensure that all your paint will be the exact same color. While paint mixing is automated nowadays, there can still be subtle differences from store to store and even can to can. And these subtle differences are much more pronounced during larger residential painting projects.

Plan Your Projects Accordingly

In an ideal situation, you will never run out of paint in the middle of a wall. Switching cans mid-wall can lead to some subtle and not-so-subtle differences in hues that can leave your entire project looking worse for wear. These subtle differences are less noticeable wall to wall, because the color on every wall looks slightly different anyway due to lighting and shadows.

Label Your Cans

If you do not use all of the paint in a can, be sure to label it so you know which walls that particular can correspond with. This will come in handy when it comes time to touch up certain areas.

Be Consistent

Extra layers of paint add depth and richness to color, so be sure to apply the same number of coats to every wall.

Hire a Professional Residential Painting Contractor

Experienced painters know how to correct the above issues. At the end of the day, if you want your home to look great, it is best to leave the painting to the professionals, like Albaugh & Sons. We specialize in both interior and exterior residential painting. For more than a decade, Albaugh & Sons has been helping our clients improve the look of their homes at competitive prices.

Schedule Your Painting Project!

The estimate you receive for your project is not only competitive; it is extremely accurate. You will not encounter hidden charges or “extras.”

If you have any questions about our Residential Painting Services, please contact Albaugh & Sons at 301-964-9379. Whether it’s painting, fence installation, or any other service we offer, the Albaugh & Sons team will get the job done right!

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