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Helping Your Vinyl Fence Last Longer

Helping Your Vinyl Fence Last Longer

Find out what you can do to increase the lifespan of your vinyl fence.

Getting the perfect fence for your house is no easy task. You have to consider the weather conditions your home faces, how much maintenance the fence will need, how the fence will look, and so much more. Many people like the idea of having a vinyl fence on their properties, and for good reason. They’re strong, low-maintenance, and nowadays, they even have many design options that help them look nicer.

If you’ve installed a vinyl fence already, you’re not going to want to replace it any time soon. The longer your fence lasts, the more value you get out of it. So how can you extend your fence’s lifespan? Find out what you can do to increase the lifespan of your vinyl fence.

Pick a Good Spot to Install Your Vinyl Fence

The spot where you choose to install your fence can significantly influence how long it lasts. Think about the environment when considering where you should get it installed. Places with many trees and swampy terrain aren’t as suitable for fences, and their lifespans can be shortened if you choose to install them in those conditions.

Instead, pick a location that has very few trees, and be sure there is solid ground. These conditions are more optimal for your fence installation.

Make Sure the Installation is Properly Done

A proper installation sets up your vinyl fence for maximum longevity. There are tips to follow to ensure the installation is done correctly. Firstly, fence posts shouldn’t be installed too closely to each other. This keeps the fence from being as flexible as it could be, which hinders its ability to endure strong winds.

Also, when digging holes to plant your fence posts, those holes need to have sufficient depth. A fencing company can give you advice on the appropriate depth for these holes.

Lastly, the corner posts should get installed before any other posts. Getting the installation done by a professional fencing company can be helpful to ensure you get the most longevity out of your vinyl fence.

Perform Inspections and Maintenance Regularly

Your vinyl fence will have to be given proper care to help it last longer. To start, make sure you’re washing it 2-4 times per year. A garden hose is all you require for the job.

You should also perform a minimum of two inspections every year so you can detect signs of damage before they get out of control. This way, you can handle problems while they are smaller and more manageable.

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