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Steps Pet Owners Should Take When Getting Their Homes Painted

Steps Pet Owners Should Take When Getting Their Homes Painted

Here is what pet owners should do before getting their houses painted.

For anyone with a pet like a dog or a cat, you love your little furry companions, but for some activities, it’s simply best that they not be involved. Getting your house painted is among those activities that should not involve your pets, and for those planning a painting project in the future, there are a few precautionary steps you’ll want to take before painting gets started. Here is what pet owners should do before getting their houses painted.

Decide on the Right Kind of Paint

Not all paints are healthy for pets, so you should do some research and make sure you’re using a pet-friendly paint when getting your house painted. Consult a professional painting company for guidance if you aren’t sure what paint is best for your situation.

Make Sure Your Pets are Protected During Painting

Your pet(s) should not be too close to your painting project. If you have dogs that love being outside, you could consider taking them to a dog park while painting is being completed. For pets that only like to be inside, make sure there is a barricade that keeps them from getting too close while painting is taking place. It could even be a good idea to reach out to a friend or family member and see if they can pet sit for a little while.

Air Out the Area

Paint fumes are going to be a concern, so it’s best to open up windows and use fans to get all of those fumes out of the house. If you’re going to open your windows and doors, make sure that the weather is mild. You wouldn’t want rain or other inclement weather conditions to affect the inside of your house after it has been painted.

Dry Your Fresh Paint and Do a Thorough Cleaning of the House

Once the area has been aired out, fresh paint will be able to dry more easily. Even so, it’s still not safe for your pets to come back into the house until every surface has had time to dry. You should also take time to clean up anything else that was left over after painting has finished, such as drop cloths or painter’s tape. If you work with a professional painting company, they should handle the cleaning procedures on their own.

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