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Getting Your Home Ready For Fall


Prepare your home for the changing seasons!

The days are still hot and sticky but as Labor Day approaches, we have to face the facts: fall is coming. As the weather inevitably changes, homeowners must also begin to think about necessary updates to their homes. Albaugh and Sons are here to make your seasonal transition as simple as possible.  It may still be pool-dipping weather, but thinking about these changes now will save you time and money when the temperature starts to drop!

Finish your Painting Projects
This is the best time to finish painting that living room you’ve been tiptoeing around all summer. If you finish within the next few weeks, you will stay have time to leave the windows open for additional ventilation.

Check the Air Flow
A deep fall cleaning is necessary for the healthy airflow of your home. Clean and vacuum any build-up that may have occurred from your vents, room fans, dryer vents, and stove hood. When the temperature decreases and more time is spent indoors, a healthy and breathable environment is imperative for you and your family.

Turn Your Heat On
Change the furnace filters and have your heating inspected and services. See that your system is up to date and functional before the leaves fall as to avoid any unhappy surprises.

Repair Insulation
Pour yourself a glass of lemonade and walk around your home. Check the exterior for any spots that may need new caulk or weather-stripping. Windows and doors tend to allow more air leaks, so be sure to pay close attention to these areas.

Protect your Deck
Check for any summer damage and make the necessary repairs. Putty or stone filler can be quick repairs to any surface damage. Sand away any cracked paint and repaint before the wet season starts if there has been significant damage.

Clean your Bathrooms
Mildew and mold build up more quickly in the hot summer months, especially in excessively humid climates. Use a strong soap scum cleaner for your tub and tile surfaces. Leave clean grout to dry then repair and cracks or reseal the area.

Clean Your Kitchen Sink and Garbage Disposal
That same humidity that makes a growing space for mold in your bathroom also increases the bacteria population in your kitchen sink. You can prevent this build up by pouring garbage disposal cleaner down the drain to remove small clogs. Use bleach or calcium to remove any stains or rust from your kitchen sink.

Enjoy the Changing Seasons with Albaugh & Sons

You may not need to complete all of these tasks prior to fall and if you’ve kept up with your homeowner’s chores throughout the summer, you may not need to complete any of these tasks at all! A healthy home is a happy home and we’ve made this small list to make sure that you and your family are safe and protected throughout the changing seasons. Once you’ve made sure that your home is ready for fall, you can sit back and enjoy the changing season.

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