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Signs You Need Deck Maintenance


Find out the signs your deck needs a little TLC.

You deck is a valuable extension of your home that offers many lifestyle changing benefits. You’ll love being about to grill up dinner, mix summer cocktails, and lounge on outdoor furniture with expertly installed decking. While these outdoor activities are filled with good times, your deck often suffers from all those years of foot traffic, rambunctiousness, and boisterous holiday celebrations. Normal wear and tear is expected from any outdoor home improvement structure that is constantly exposed to the elements. Just as we clean other areas of our home, it’s also important to practice deck maintenance. Pay attention to these signs that your deck needs some tender, loving care.

Worn Or Faded Appearance

If your composite deck’s once bright color begins to fade, it’s time for some much-needed deck maintenance. You might remember the day those composite slats were installed, and how rich, bright and bold they appeared. With the buildup of dirt and grime, those pieces will quickly become muted and dull. You can restore your deck’s natural luster with a good cleaning to help the color return to normal.

Spots, Lot and Lots of Spots

Harmful algae and mold will, potentially, start to grow on an old, worn deck. From bright sunlight and moisture exposure, your deck’s worn surface presents a perfect environment for algae and mold growth. They’ll start to form spots riddled throughout your outdoor surface. If you don’t take action to rid your backyard of both, you and your guests will be breathing harmful spores while in a space that’s supposed to be relaxing. A good scrubbing with cleaning detergents should wash those spots right off!

Corroded Fasteners

Metal fasteners used in the deck installation phase are prone to corrosion. When metal materials interact with chemicals in the environment, corrosion will often occur. Routine cleaning of the fasteners themselves will keep corrosion from building up to the point where it’s not manageable. While washing away that dirt and grime that’s accumulated on the deck surface, be sure to give the metal fasteners some tidying up as well.


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