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A Dog and His Fence


Protect your pup and your fence!

So, you finally caved into those big blue eyes and bought your daughter that puppy she’s been asking for. Fido’s been neutered and spayed and is on his way home to become a new member of your family for the next 10-15 years. You bought the appropriately sized crate and dog bed. There are toys in the back seat that make high pitched squealing noises and you reluctantly took home a bag of organic dog food. You didn’t bother with an electric fence because you have a wooden fence that was installed just a year or two before. But when it comes to your fence, it isn’t just keeping the dog in that you’ll have to worry about. Albaugh and Sons would like to congratulate you on your new pup and offer some advice for the care of your fence and the safety of your 4 legged friend.

  1. They Jump

Sure, your puppy may be too small to leap over your fence now, but let’s think ahead and consider this may be an issue in the future. One way to keep your fence secure from scratch marks and your pup safe from escaping is to plant dense shrubs, such as boxwood, alone the fence line.

  1. They Dig

Fido might be a digger. Little holes he makes are not just unattractive, but they’re also testing the integrity of the fence. You don’t want Fido to get out, and you don’t want issues with your fence either. You should consider and L-Footer. A L-Footer is a wire fencing laid down against the base of your fence and bent perpendicular to it (much like the letter “L”). Some people prefer to bury their L Footer, but you can also keep it down with decorative rocks, gnomes, or bushes.

  1. They Can’t See Out

Your fence was installed for many reasons, including privacy. There aren’t any holes or gaps for him to see the outside world. Your pup is curious, and his playful curiosity may turn into a hole in your expensive fence. Save yourself the trouble of repairing a dog-made hole and install a small window or safe looking space for Fido to look peek through.

  1. They Need Supervision

You’ve taken the time to secure Fido inside of the fence but that isn’t good enough. To make sure that your fence stays taken care of, you have to ensure that Fido is taken care of as well. A happy pup is a well-behaved pup. Take him for walks, enroll him into puppy school, and show him affection. Making sure that Fido receives attention and exercise will ensure that he doesn’t run the fence or bark from boredom or discontent.


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