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Four Things To Consider Before Hiring A Custom Deck Designer

Four Things To Consider Before Hiring A Custom Deck Designer

Think about the following factors before hiring a custom deck designer to build a deck for you.

Summers are a precious time of year, and also a time that is quite limited. Watching snow melt away while flowers bring new life to the outdoors gives us the itch to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and warmer temperatures. Not everyone can enjoy the outdoors at a frigid 5 degrees, so taking advantage of the warmth while we have it is vital. A great way to maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors is by using an outdoor deck. Having a deck that was custom-crafted by professionals can give you the outside living space you desire, space that’s perfect for dining, entertaining, or just relaxing on a calm spring or summer evening.

A deck is a hefty investment though, and there are considerations to be made before you commit to installing one. Think about the following factors before hiring a custom deck designer to build a deck for you.

Deck Uses

If you’re having a deck installed, you’ll want to have a purpose for installing it. Will it be used for meals, or a relaxing place to just talk with people? Maybe your deck is meant for both? Depending on how you want to use your deck, you may have to consider how it’s set up. For example, if you want a garden on your deck, proper shading is needed. A custom deck designer can work out the specifics about how to set up your deck after you know what the deck’s uses will be.

Size And Placement

Figuring out the size for your deck requires you to consider the size of your yard, and how a deck can complement it. Remember, the deck needs to hold all of the features you plan to have on it, and you’ll also still want enough space for it not to feel cramped.

If you can have a say in where you want your deck, you’ll want to think about these things:

  • Accessibility to the house
  • View
  • Location of sun/shade
  • Privacy
  • Wind
  • Rain/Snow


While many people think of decks as rectangular, with the help of a custom deck designer, you can get more creative with the design so that it best utilizes the yard space around it. Before you start building the deck, talk to your custom deck designer about the following:

  • How many deck levels do you want?
  • Do you want privacy from others?
  • Do you want an awning or pergola for shade?
  • Do you want deck lighting installed?
  • Are you interested in outdoor speakers?
  • Do you need a gas line for your BBQ installed?

You’ll also need to think about getting a permit to build this deck if necessary. Your deck should abide by the guidelines of the area where you live.


There are plenty of options for the building material of your deck. You can go with pressure-treated wood, composite, PVC or vinyl decking. There should also be thought that goes into the material for railing, whether you want wood, composite, aluminum, or glass. A custom deck designer can work with you to figure out what the best material is for building your deck.

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