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It Can Be Smart To Use Composite Decking

It Can Be Smart To Use Composite Decking

Decks are made from all sorts of materials. However, one option, composite decking, is on the rise in popularity.

Composite decking can have the appearance of wood, but it requires much less work to maintain.

Decks can bring extra character and life to a home, giving you more outdoor entertaining space, and increasing the resale value of your house. Decks are made from all sorts of materials. However, one option, composite decking, is on the rise in popularity.


In the past, decks were usually made from pressure-treated lumber. Lumber is still a popular building material, but more homeowners are switching over to composite decking options. Anyone who has owned a wooden deck can tell you how much upkeep it takes to maintain a “like new” look. In contrast, composite decking takes much less maintenance to keep them looking as attractive as they can be. This lets homeowners spend more time enjoying their decks rather than maintaining them.


Composite decking is any kind of decking material that is made from various recycled materials. Most of these materials are hard plastics and the wood shavings of pulp. These materials don’t degrade nearly as quickly as wood, which can fade, crack, and rot.


Another great feature of composite decking is the fact that it comes in all sorts of wood colors. This way, you can match the exterior of your home, and still have the look of a wooden deck. While composite decking isn’t completely immune to the natural elements, you can minimize the damages to your deck with just a few easy steps. Giving your deck a simple washing to reduce your chances of mold growth, or using new technology that offers better stain resistance, you can avoid many problems that may come up with deck made from other materials.


Did you know that composite decking is also suited for people with eco-friendly lifestyles? The planks are made out of recycled materials that usually go to landfills. Also, since these decks don’t rot away, and last much longer than their wooden counterparts, they don’t need to be replaced as often, which is another eco-friendly perk these decks offer.


When you’re comparing different composite decking brands, look at the colors, the materials used in the composition, and the fastening systems. Many decks are fastened with standard deck screws. But there are newer systems in place that allow for hidden fastening, allowing the composite deck tiles to simply snap into place.


There are a few drawbacks that composite decking can have. First of all, they can be more expensive than wooden decks, almost double the initial cost. Also, while composite decks don’t rot, they can scratch. Damaged boards will need replacing if you don’t refinish them. You’ll need to exercise caution using harsh chemicals because they can cause the color to fade, and even damage the composite materials.


Nonetheless, composite decking remains a popular choice for outdoor living. With their low-maintenance, long-lasting nature, it’s no surprise how they’ve become the favorite for many homeowners.

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