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Evergrain Decking Versus TimberTech Decking

Evergrain Decking Versus TimberTech Decking

We will be comparing two types of composite decking, evergrain decking, and TimberTech decking, to determine which would be best for you.

Composite decking maTimberTecterials are a popular choice for homeowners across the country. They require little maintenance, have a natural charm, and offer great value, making them highly desirable. But some composite decking options are different from others. What makes them different? We will be comparing two types of composite decking, evergrain decking, and TimberTech decking, to determine which would be best for you.

Evergrain Composite Decking

Evergrain decking is a robust and durable decking choice made from polyethylene and wooden fibers. It also has a deep grain outer layer, which helps give it a more natural look. This gives you all of the beauty of a natural wood deck without giving up added utility and the need for less maintenance. Evergrain decking is also resilient against stains from sources such as beverages, oils, or condiments. While we’re not encouraging you to go pour any of these on your deck to put it to the test, it does mean your evergrain decking will have an easier time looking clean, giving you that “like-new” look for as long as possible.

TimberTech Composite Decking

TimberTech composite decking is another low-maintenance decking option. It offers similar levels of durability as evergrain decking, being made from high-quality materials. The difference between it and evergrain decking is that TimberTech decking provides two lines of product: Terrain Collection, which is available in two color sets and is more suitable for people warier of the cost, and Earthwood Evolutions, which is the higher-grade choice.

Which Is The Best For Me?

Both brands offer a natural appeal to your home and are incredibly durable and reliable. Naturally, it can be challenging to decide between these two choices. Ultimately, when you’re choosing between TimberTech decking and evergrain decking, your decision will be based on personal preference. Both materials are similar in looks and functionality. This means how each style looks could help make your decision easier.

As an example, you might choose TimberTech’s Terrain Collection if you want your creative juices to go into making a design. You would also save more money this way. On the other hand, you might not be concerned about a budget, and your deck will have a great deal of traffic. In this case, evergrain decking might be a better option for you. It can handle all sorts of stains and scratches that could come up when you have large social gatherings. No matter what your wants and needs may be, there’s a composite decking option that’s perfect for you.

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