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Creative Fence Ideas for Spring 2016

Although winter is unpredictable and we could still have more snow yet, spring is starting to close in. With spring comes better weather and a revival of outdoor activities. This leads many to begin thinking about fence installation and fence ideas for many purposes and new projects.fencing ideas frederick md

Check out some of these popular fence ideas for this spring, and where a new fence could benefit you.

Garden fencing.

Spring brings up the idea of gardening for many homeowners. Whether it’s a vegetable or flower garden, you want to make sure it’s safe and contained. Fencing helps to keep animal intruders out who may wreak havoc in your brand new (or returning) garden. Not to mention, various wood styles add a woodsy, rustic appeal to any garden.

Pool fencing.

Maybe a new in-ground pool is in sights for this spring. If that’s the case, pool fencing should go hand-in-hand. It provides privacy, and makes a good perimeter for your outdoor recreation area. For elegant or modern pool fence ideas, try a composite fence—a hardy choice that gives total privacy.

Pet fencing.

Gain a new furry friend this year? Or, need to revisit your options for keeping your pet pals safe? There are various attractive fence styles that also serve well to contain your pets and keep them safe. Vinyl and picket fencing allows your pets to see what’s going on around the neighborhood, or if they get a little too excited about the outside world, you can also opt for composite or cedar fencing.

Nearly any home can benefit from fencing. Whether for curb appeal, privacy, or security, there’s a fence option that’s right for your home. Spring is also a great time for installation.

If you’re considering fence installation this spring but aren’t exactly sure which fencing is right for you, you can always call the local professionals at Albaugh and Sons for more expert fence ideas!

Bring your fence ideas to your local Frederick, MD contractor.

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