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Creating Wall Art with Interior Paint

Our homes and rooms are an expression of ourselves and our style. A trending project seen frequently in this day and age is wall art as another means of expression. Done with care and preparation, wall art is a creative way to add life and vigor to the rooms of your home.wall-art-interior-paint

Wall art can be done with interior paint, props, objects, stickers, and more. Wall art can be done with interior paint, props, objects, stickers, and more. We’ll give you some ideas for using interior paint to create wall art below!


You don’t need a perfectly steady hand for painting your wall art. Stencils make it easy to use interior paint to create unique patterns and shapes. Most of them come in a sticker form so they stay in place while painting. However, it’s important to make sure they are aligned correctly so the resulting design is not crooked.


Freehand wall art may seem intimidating, but with proper prep and careful measures, it can turn out extremely well. You will likely want a variety of brushes and paint colors, and will need to make sure all primers, paints and other tools are compatible before you begin.


Not feeling confident about stencils or free-handing? One simple wall art idea is just to paint your walls and ceilings different colors or shades to create an artistic appeal. This tactic works well with nearly any room, as it’s still unique without being too busy.

If you’re not confident in creating wall art yourself, you can always hire a professional painting contractor. While they may not offer freehand painting, they may be able to do stencil and multi-color interior paint work for you.

It’s also nifty to have a local paint contractor’s number on hand in case your wall art didn’t exactly turn out as planned. They’ll be able to help you fix the mistakes and return your walls back to their former glory.

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