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The Best Paint Colors For Kitchens, According to Experts

kitchen paint color

With this simple guide, you’ll have no problem choosing the kitchen paint color you’ve always wanted.

Choosing the right paint color can feel like the most daunting task. Especially when it comes to common areas such as the kitchen, picking the right paint color is crucial. Of course, you want your kitchen to reflect your personality and style, but you also want it to enhance the overall look of your home. Remember that looking at interior design blogs is a great way to find your kitchen inspiration as well. With this simple guide, you’ll have no problem choosing the kitchen paint color you’ve always wanted.

Keeping It Calm And Neutral

When doing research on the latest interior design trends, you’ll see that most kitchens in 2018 are painted either white or gray. White and light gray kitchens are huge this year and don’t seem to be losing momentum any time soon. These colors make sense for 2018 because it has been a year of keeping things simple with minimalist design techniques. When you choose a shade of white or gray, your kitchen will feel bigger, brighter, and more welcoming.

Cool Down With Green And Blue Hues

Greens and blues are other great options for kitchens. However, when opting for something other than a neutral color, keep one thing in mind: go light. Light blues and greens can make a kitchen feel clean and refreshing, which is exactly how you want to feel when you’re eating and entertaining. Darker, bolder shades can make the kitchen space feel cramped and small. Opt for lighter shades that border on neutral. With a good amount of natural light, the colors will pop.

Red And Yellow For A Good Appetite

Red and yellow have been fairly popular kitchen paint colors for years because these colors are thought to spike the appetite. There are many shades of either red or yellow that can work very well in your kitchen, depending on the amount of natural light and the kind of regular lighting you have. If you’re looking to add warmth to your kitchen, a shade of yellow or red is the way to do it.


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