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4 Big Tips For A Small Bathroom Remodeling Project


These four tips will allow you to maximize space with your small bathroom remodeling project!

Bathroom remodeling projects require a lot of thought and precision. With small bathroom remodeling projects, you need to be even more thorough. Less space means more effort is required in the planning of your new bathroom. These four tips will allow you to maximize space with your small bathroom remodeling project!

Redo Your Shower Door

With smaller bathrooms, an entire glass shower door can make a tight space feel even more cramped. The best solution to this problem is installing a glass panel instead of a shower door. This way, the water from the shower is contained but the shower space is more open, allowing for more breathing room overall.

Reshape Your Vanity

Vanities are a huge part of bathroom remodeling projects. When the vanity is too big for the bathroom, you instantly feel overwhelmed and cramped. By floating the vanity, you create an empty space which allows the bathroom to feel more open. Also, consider rounding your vanity so that walking through is much easier and people aren’t bumping into hazardous corners.

Rethink Your Sink

For especially small powder rooms and bathrooms, a trough sink is a great option as well. You won’t have as much room for bathroom storage, but if you have places elsewhere in your home to store bathroom items, you can easily retrieve them as needed. A trough sink is a great way to open up your space and create the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Redesign Your Walls

Your bathroom remodeling project provides the perfect opportunity for you to rethink your walls as well. For small bathrooms, large prints can create a feeling of more space. If you choose wallpaper with small patterns, the bathroom might feel too busy, causing it to feel even smaller. Small bathrooms with large patterns like wide stripes are easy to design and are a classic look.


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