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What’s the Ideal Time of Year to Do Exterior Painting?

What's the Ideal Time of Year to Do Exterior Painting?

Today, we’ll be going over when it’s best for you to do exterior painting for your house.

When you have a fresh new coat of paint applied to your house, it can completely transform the house’s appearance. As far as renovations go, painting is among the most cost-effective ways to remodel your house as well. However, while painting can be a great thing, you want to pick the right time to do it, and some times of year are better than others. Today, we’ll be going over when it’s best for you to do exterior painting for your house.

Warm Weather is Preferred

Many experienced painting professionals will tell you this: warm weather is much better suited for painting. You’ll want temperatures to be no cooler than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but getting closer to 60 degrees is preferred. If you try painting during cooler weather, especially below freezing, there’s a good chance that the application process will go poorly.

Painting and Raining Don’t Mix

Maryland gets all kinds of weather, so rain is a constant threat to your paint. It’s best to avoid exterior painting when it’s raining outside because it will hinder the drying process. You only want to paint on dry surfaces, so wait until there is a large window of time without rain before you begin painting. You should always be monitoring the weather forecast to make sure you have a sufficient amount of time.

Make Sure the Conditions are Right for Exterior Painting

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the weather concerns we have, but we want to elaborate more on what conditions are best for exterior painting. You want temperatures that are steady and constant, without too much fluctuation, and the conditions should also be dry. Work with a reliable painting contractor to be sure painting gets done in the optimal conditions. Getting the help of a local contractor is even better because they will be familiar with the outdoor conditions in your area.

Get a Painting Job That is of High Quality

Usually, exterior painting jobs for houses will last a minimum of five years, and it can go even longer than that if you get your job done to a high standard. To ensure your paint job goes well, proper preparation is needed, such as scraping and sanding your surfaces before you paint them. You also have to know which paints you should use. There are differences between acrylic, oil, and latex paints. A painting contractor can help you with all of the necessary preparations to make sure your paint job is done to the highest of standards.

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