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Methods for Removing Paint From Your House

Methods for Removing Paint From Your House

Here are some of the methods that people use to remove paint.

While removing paint from a wall can be a tedious process, it’s something that must be done at times. There are situations in which a simple washing of your surfaces won’t be enough to return them to a like-new condition. For some surfaces, you can only revive them with a fresh coat, and before you can apply a new coat, the old one must be removed. Here are some of the methods that people use to remove paint.

Chemical Paint Remover

Sometimes, peeling paint will need a little help. Between the use of remover, along with some sanding and scraping of the surfaces, you can remove paints from your surface and make it more suitable for a new coat.

This method is slightly more pricey than others, but there is convenience that comes with it. Paint removers are typically applied to walls and left to do their job. Then, you use either a power tool or scraper to remove them.

Heating as a Paint Removing Option

Heat is another resource that can be used as a remover. The heating is done by using either an infrared paint stripper or a heat gun. This allows paints to peel off in a manner that doesn’t apply any stress to the surface. You should consider this method if you wouldn’t want to do sanding after you’ve scraped everything off.

Be sure that you’re careful while using heat guns. There are two potential risk factors that come with this method. One of the risks is that lead paints that have been heated can be bad for the atmosphere. Second, wood can be set on fire if it’s heated too much.

Remove Paint By Doing Power Washing

Power washing is another option available for prepping a house before you begin painting it. However, it shouldn’t be the primary way to get your siding ready because, even if it’s successful at blasting loose paint away, it can cause damage to the wood. Power washing is best done prior to scraping to remove whatever loose flakes your surface has. Also, while you might get tempted to get up close to get rid of stubborn spots of paint, you need to resist the urge to get closer. The closer your hose is to the surface, the easier it is for your surface to suffer damage.

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