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Should You Use Latex Paint or Oil-Based Paint?

Although you may be able to get nearly identical colors in both latex paint and oil-based paint, the two are not the same. In fact, deciding which one to use involves thought and consideration. Depending on the surface and the job, one may be far more beneficial than the other. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Residential Painting Frederick

At the end of the day, if you want your home to look great, it is best to leave the exterior painting to a professional residential painting company.

We’ll discuss the differences between latex paint and oil-based paint here so you know which to choose for your next paint job.

Oil-based paint

Although oil-based paint is not nearly as commonly used as latex paint these days, there are some situations where it would be better to go with oil-based. For instance, surfaces which leave a ‘chalky’ coating on your hand when brushed should be painted with an oil-based paint, as well as surfaces that already have multiple coatings of oil-based paint.

However, this paint should NOT be used on galvanized iron or new masonry. Otherwise, oil-based paint can be a long-lasting, quick-fastening paint option.

Latex paint

These days, latex paint is most widely used. Very durable and crack-resistant, it’s favored for their longevity. It’s also quick-drying and flexible. It can be used and performs well in a wide variety of applications, including new masonry, wood, and vinyl/aluminum siding. It’s also a top choice for painting trim. Due to its flexibility in uses, it’s a solid choice for most painting jobs.

Both oil-based paint and latex paint have their uses. While latex is most likely a good option for your project, oil-based paint sometimes performs better depending on the surface and situation. If you’re not entirely sure which type of paint you should use for your next project, you can always give the experts a call at Albaugh & Sons.

Latex paint and oil-based paint in Frederick, MD

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