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Pros and Cons of Using Composite Decking

Pros and Cons of Using Composite Decking

There are many pros and cons that go with installing composite decking on your property.

If you’re considering installing a new deck this spring, you’ve likely had to ponder what material you’ll use to make it. There are plenty of options out there, but one of the most popular materials on the market is composite decking. Composite decking has a look that is close to the similarly popular wood decks but with less hassle. There are many pros and cons that go with installing composite decking on your property.


As we mentioned earlier, composite decking doesn’t demand as much hassle as other decks. The maintenance needed to keep them in good shape is much lower than their wooden counterparts. This means you can spend less time working on your deck and more time enjoying it. All you may need to do is wash it down with a hose to keep it in good shape.

It also helps that composite decking doesn’t come with the problems of wooden decks. There’s no splintering, and your deck won’t rot away over time. Pests, such as termites, also won’t be able to break down composite decking like they can against wooden decks.

Composite decking is also more environmentally friendly because it is made from recycled materials. On top of that, it has incredible durability, able to withstand many adverse weather conditions. As long as you care for your composite decking properly, it will last you for several years.


Composite decking doesn’t come without its repercussions. For starters, you have to pay more for composite decks than you would for wooden decks. However, you only pay more upfront. Over time, wooden decks will need to be repaired, and they demand more maintenance. This means that, while you spend more upfront, you save money over time.

Another problem with these decks is that, while they don’t require as much maintenance, they are still susceptible to scratching. While wood decks can be sanded and refinished, composite decking doesn’t have the same luxury. If your deck gets scratched, you would have to spend money replacing any damaged planks.

Fading is another problem with composite decks. If the deck is cleaned with harsh enough chemicals, the deck can lose a lot of color and look more unappealing. This means you’ll have to be careful when cleaning your deck because, as we mentioned before, you would have to replace parts of your deck if they sustain any damage.

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