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Composite Decks Vs. Wood Decks

Composite Decks Vs. Wood Decks

We’re going to compare composite decking with wood decking and see which one you would rather install.

You may be thinking about installing a deck in the future. If you are, you’ll need to consider what materials to use for your new deck. There are two fairly common types of decks people install: wood and wood-plastic composite varieties. When you get a contractor to help you with your decking installation, you want to already have an idea of what deck to build. That’s why we’re going to compare composite decking with wood decking and see which one you would rather install.

Wood Decking

Wood decking has a range of flexibility in design because there are various wood options that are available. They also give your outdoor landscape more natural beauty. Wood decks look great when installed properly and can instantly improve the look of your outdoor environment.

They also cost less upfront than their composite counterparts.  Wood decks are also easy to install. This is because the boards are easy to cut, and fastening them is no trouble at all, especially if you hire a professional decking contractor to handle the installation for you.

Wood decks are also an excellent option for the warmer months like spring or summer because the wooden boards don’t get too hot, even on sweltering days. This means you can walk around your deck at any time of year and be comfortable, even if you’re barefoot.

With all of this said, wood decks do come with a handful of shortcomings. They require a good amount of upkeep if you want them to stay in good condition. You will have to keep sealing or painting them every now and then to keep your deck protected against moisture, which can cause cracking, rotting, and warping.  Wood decks also tend to splinter after enough time has passed, and you have to be wary about insect damage.

Composite Decking

Composite decking has made significant advancements over the years. You can get decking that matches the appearance of wood decks. On top of that, the boards are easily bendable, making them easier to install. Unlike wood decks, which can get damaged if they’re moist enough, composite decking is available in moisture-resistant varieties, so you don’t have to worry about getting your deck too damp.

Composite decking also requires less maintenance than wood decks. All you have to do is sweep up every now and then to keep your deck looking like new. This also helps with the price of the deck. While wood decks are cheaper upfront, maintenance expenses may result in spending more money long-term. With composite decking, on the other hand, you pay a little more upfront, but you avoid spending as much money on maintenance.

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