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Interior Painting Tips for Your Middletown Home

The new year inspires many to make improvements and changes around their home. Interior painting is one of the top changes homeowners seek to make during the year. So if you’re planning on making a change of paint in your Middletown home, we have some tips for you.


Interior painting requires preparation and lots of patience.

These tips apply whether or not you decide to DIY or hire a painting contractor, so anyone can benefit from them! However, don’t forget how tiring interior paint can be when deciding on DIY or a contractor. If you have any doubts, always hire a professional!

Go with neutral colors

Unless you’re sure you will want the guest bedroom to have look-at-me orange walls for a while, it’s safe to go with neutral colors. White looks great in most rooms, but can be hard to clean, so you may wish to avoid white interior painting in high traffic areas. Beiges, taupes, grays, off-whites, and other soft colors are excellent choices that easily match room themes.

This isn’t to say bold, vibrant colors aren’t a good idea. Bright colors look great—just make sure you’re prepared to keep it around for a while. And remember, the brighter the color, the more time consuming the paint job.

Remember, paint finish matters!

Previously, we discussed the differences between paint finishes glosses. These differences really DO matter! Make sure the gloss (or lack thereof) is appropriate for the room(s) when it comes to interior painting.

Prep, prep, prep

Interior painting is far more than just opening a can of paint and dipping in a roller. There’s a certain amount of preparation you will need to take depending on your walls. This may include cleaning, sanding, patching of blemishes, and more. The better the prep, the nicer your paint job will turn out.

Of course, when hiring a painting contractor, the prep is taken care of for you. And experienced paint contractors like Albaugh & Sons can give you other interior painting tips, such as the best colors and gloss for your home.

Interior painting services in Middletown, MD

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