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New Painting Ideas for 2015-2016

Interior paint is one of the first things people turn to when they need a fresh change in the home or office. Several studies present solid proof that colors can affect mood, and when you’re enclosed by colored walls, that color is of utmost importance!

If you’re ready for a change of interior paint, but you’re not sure where to start, check out these new painting ideas for 2015-2016 inspired by color trends predicted by Behr.

Jewel Tones


The end of this year into next will see interior paint trends taking a massive shift towards jewel tones. Think emerald, sapphire, amethyst and amber. Depending on the hue of each gemstone color, they can be relaxing or energetic—think versatility.

Deep sapphire, bluish-emerald, and bold amethyst are inspiring and lively colors for an office setting to encourage motivation and productivity. On the other hand, subdued sapphire, lilac-like amethyst, or peaceful amber colors are great for rooms geared towards relaxation, such as the bathroom or bedroom.

Not-Quite-50 Shades of Grey

Black, white, and grey don’t really go out of style, but they are making a big appearance in interior paint trends for the upcoming year. Different shades of grey made the list for top color trends, from as light as silver to as dark as charcoal.painting-ideas-interior-paint

Something to note when considering painting ideas involving greys: the new, top shades have a warm hue to them. Think of a pewter or ash grey. Grey, white, and charcoal are popular wall paint options because of their ability to make color accents pop, such as curtains or brightly colored furniture.

The Power of Pink


No longer a color with a feminine reputation, pink is becoming recognized as a color for relaxation and tranquility. Numerous shades hit the new year’s interior paint trends, including coral, magenta, and salmon.

Painting ideas include magenta or coral in floral-themed applications, and salmon with green or blue accents—a popular combination for nautical themes. While magenta is peppy and great for high-energy or motivational rooms, coral and salmon are peaceful hues everyone can appreciate.

Put Your Painting Ideas to Work: Contact Albaugh & Sons

The new year’s new colors for interior paint are bold, inspirational, and versatile. However, with any paint (especially strong colors such as these!) you want to make sure it’s applied evenly, without messy lines or mishaps. The best solution is to hire a professional painting contractor to make sure your new jewel-toned paint job looks just as flattering as you imagined.

Albaugh & Sons specializes in commercial and residential interior paint, and has the tools and professionals for your paint job—guaranteed.

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