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How to Apply Coats of Paint

How to Apply Coats of Paint

To ensure the coats of paint inside your home get applied evenly, here is what you will need to do.

Are you thinking about repainting the inside of your house? If you are, then you’ll have to do a little bit of planning first. You want to think about the color of paint you want to use, when the painting project will get done, and how to protect the furniture in your house while painting is being finished.

Something else to consider is how you’re going to evenly apply coats of paint to your walls. If you don’t plan appropriately, the different coats will be uneven, and your home will look much less appealing. To ensure the coats of paint inside your home get applied evenly, here is what you will need to do.

Take Curing Time Into Account

When you’re applying paint to the walls of your house, each coat needs to be applied one at a time. You can’t apply multiple coats in the same painting session because each coat needs a certain amount of time to cure.

There are different paints that people use, and depending on the kind you have, the curing time it needs is going to vary. Oil-based paints will need about one day after the first coat is applied before you can apply the second coat. Latex paints will only need around four hours before curing is done.

Treat Your Painting Tools Properly

You need to be careful when handling your painting tools. Brushes and rollers can’t just be left out in the open. If you do this, they will get very dry, which hinders their effectiveness. Dry rollers and brushes will likely cause your next coat of paint to get applied unevenly. Therefore, all of your painting tools need to be covered and preserved. Keep them protected by using plastic wrap, and then put them inside of a refrigerator.

Color Consistency

Depending on the color of paint you use, the amount of pigment it has can vary. Lighter colors don’t tend to have as much pigment. Darker colors, on the other hand, will have more pigment inside of them, and this pigment will settle at the bottom of your paint container. Because of this, darker paints need to be stirred thoroughly before you put them inside of a paint tray and onto your brush or roller.

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