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What to Do With Fences That Can Shrink and Swell

What to Do With Fences That Can Shrink and Swell

Here is what you can do when fences start swelling and shrinking.

Have you noticed your wood fence beginning to swell and shrink? Based on your outdoor environment, your fence may begin absorbing or losing water. This is when shrinking and swelling can occur. Afterward, your fence may begin to rot, twist, and warp. You want to prevent as much of this damage as possible. Here is what you can do when fences start swelling and shrinking.

Pick the Best Type of Wood

The wood that you use for your fence will heavily influence how much swelling and shrinking it experiences. Make sure the wood you pick is highly resistant to water damage. This helps keep your fence as aesthetically pleasing and flat as it can be. The type of wood that’s best could depend on where you live, so you should consult a fencing company for guidance on the best wood to use. A local company is preferred because they will know everything about the climate where you live.

Apply Some Paint, Stain, or Sealant

Fencing performs much better if it has sufficient protection against the weather. To provide that added protection, you should apply either some paint, sealant, or staining to the surface. Make sure whatever you apply has water-resistant properties because this will lower how much swelling and shrinking your fence experiences as a result of lower water absorption. Sealant should be applied once per year if you want to extend the lifespan of your fence.

Stay On Top of Maintenance

Fence maintenance is always going to be important, not just to prevent swelling and shrinking but also because fence maintenance is generally good for extending your fence’s lifespan. Monitor your fence to see if it has sustained any damage, and take note of any damage your fence has, such as warping and rotting. If there is damage you notice, you should get the afflicted areas replaced as soon as you can. This will keep the damage from being spread to parts of your fence that have not yet been damaged.

Stay Away From Water

Lastly, keep your fence at a safe distance away from sources of water. While you can’t avoid rain, you can keep fences away from other sources of water, like fountains and ponds that you may have. Also, ensure that your yard has sufficient drainage, and make sure that sprinklers are not pointed towards your fence when using them.

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