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Reasons You Should Perform Fence Staining

Reasons You Should Perform Fence Staining

Fence staining is useful for many reasons, and the best staining process will depend on the kind of fence you have.

If you have a fence, you probably want it to last as long as it can. One step towards preserving the longevity of your fencing is to get a fence stain applied to it. Fence staining is useful for many reasons, and the best staining process will depend on the kind of fence you have.

Benefits of Fence Staining

To begin, staining offers protective properties to your fencing. For example, water has a much more difficult time seeping into wood, which makes it tougher to rot your fence. Also, since water can’t get into your wood as easily, it won’t cause splintering and splitting later if that water were to freeze. This is an especially useful perk to have during the winter.

Another perk of staining is that it protects your fence against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This way, even when the sun is shining intensely on your fence, your fence won’t lose any color.

When is the Best Time for Fence Staining?

The best time for fence staining will depend on the age of your fence. Newer fences should not be stained right away. Instead, you should wait anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months until the fence has dried out, and then you can start staining it. If you don’t know when it’s okay to stain your fence, you can perform a test. Simply apply a little bit of water to it. If the water is beading up, that means you should not stain it at this time. A fence is fine to stain if the water gets absorbed into the surface.

If you have an older fence (one that’s been installed over six months ago), you should consider power washing it before staining. This ensures you have a clean surface during the staining process.

Other Factors to Consider

Many fence contractors will tell you that staining only one side of your fencing is not recommended. The reason is that most fences won’t prevent the stain from getting to the other side anyway and that it takes a lot of work trying to keep just one side protected from a stain you don’t want.

You should also consider how much your fence stain will cost. The size of your fence, the gaps it has, and whether or not it has a lattice will all factor into how expensive staining will be.

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