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Comparing Wood Fencing and Metal Fencing

Comparing Wood Fencing and Metal Fencing

Today, we will compare metal fencing and wood fencing, so you’ll know which one is better for you to install.

Plenty of care is put into keeping your landscape as beautiful as it can be. Whether you’re gardening or getting your grass mowed, your landscape requires a good amount of upkeep. Because of this, some landscaping tasks may be put off to the side for quite a while, as they may seem to be less important. One of these tasks is the installing of a new fence. There are two main fence choices that are quite popular: metal fencing and wood fencing.

These two kinds of fences offer different benefits and drawbacks from one another, so the best one for you will depend on your living situation and what you want to get from your fence. Today, we will compare metal fencing and wood fencing, so you’ll know which one is better for you to install.

Metal Fencing

Metal fencing is great because of how durable and rot-resistant it is. Various pests that could eat away at wood fences can’t do anything to metal either. There also isn’t too much maintenance that goes into caring for metal fencing. A lot of these fences have a coating on them that gives them more rust and corrosion resistance, and you don’t even need to stain or paint them to keep them looking nice.

Metal fencing does come with a more difficult installation process, though. It helps to have a professional fencing company assist you with the installation for this reason. Also, some designs for metal fences might not feel very welcoming or appealing to homeowners. Fortunately, the number of design options for metal fences has gone up over the years, and now there are more options that are aesthetically pleasing as well.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is known for its great appearance. Since wooden fences have existed for so long, they give off a nostalgic vibe to those who see them. You can give your wood fence a little extra charm by painting or staining it to give it whatever color you want. On top of their great looks, wooden fences come with easy installations. Just make sure you understand that wood will shrink as much as a fourth of an inch once the installation is done. This will help you keep the gaps in your fence to a minimum.

The downside to these fences is that they tend to require more maintenance. You’ll have to apply new coats of paint or stains occasionally, and your fence will have to be sanded every couple of years. Certain pests, such as termites, could possibly eat away at wood, too, meaning your fence will be more prone to damage. Damage from moisture can also be a struggle, which can result in rotting as time goes on.

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